E. Hao Furniture has been doing business since 2014 to provide office and home furniture. The company’s scope of products is composed of: tables, chairs, cabinets, partitioning, roller blinds and many more; while the services provided are: reupholstery, furniture layout work, repair works, installation of products, customizing furniture pieces. The business has been catering to various companies in various industries such as the following: automotive, education, construction, food, telecommunication, medical institutions and many more.


E. Hao Furniture aims to provide furniture to newly constructed buildings while it seeks to update worn out fixtures of existing commercial, residential, and office clients with flexible modern designs made with superior quality materials. All these at reasonable prices.

Mission Statement:

Hao Furniture exists to be the preferred provider of modern, durable, and affordable home and office furniture while servicing existing fixtures in majority of the residential, commercial, and offices, so as to improve and lengthen the conditions of their furniture.


E. Hao Furniture aims to create an ideal, comfortable and efficient working and home environment that every office, business, and household deserves at reasonable prices.


As a company, the goal is to know more clients who are interested in creating their own offices or homes and present available options that would simplify procurement. Along with this, the company aims to be known for its superior quality and reliability. Once established, E. Hao Furniture plans to build stronger foundations with existing clients and increase its performance and sales through referrals and partnerships.

Scope of Work

  1. Provide modular tables and chairs with degrees of customization based on preferred laminates and upholstery covers within a wide selection of swatches
  2. Provide knock-down type or customized furniture items such as co-working tables, ready-made or built-in cabinets, and color-selected upholstered chairs
  3. Assess and repair furniture items ranging from sofa, cabinets, tables, and so forth
  4. Reupholster work for existing sofa, office chairs, bed cushions
  5. Planning, creating and installing actual partition layouts
  6. Planning, producing, and installing roller blinds for windows